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But that isn happening because a lot of big players in the

Proper sanctions would be for NATO to stop buying Russian coal, oil, gas, uranium, titanium, nickel, etc. But that isn happening because a lot of big players in the west would lose a lot of money. For example Boeing imports 40% of its titanium from Russia, but will US sanction Russian titanium?Using a tactical nuke to defend an line of artillery will be starting the WWIII nuclear holocaust that Russia won start over defending territorial expansion.You are right that we are economically intertwined but NATO does not need a single extra asset to put Russia in a serious bind.

Vote manipulation/ clogging feeds. While /r/SandersForPresident was annoying in late 2015 to mid 2016 /r/the_donald has set the standard for ruining the Reddit feed. When 50% of r/all is from one sub you essentially broken the website. Their colonial opponents, who supported the Revolution, were called Patriots, Whigs, Rebels, Congress Men, or, in view of their loyalty to the new United States of America, just Americans. Historians have estimated that about 15 20% of the white population may have been Loyalists (that is, about 500,000), but there are no exact numbers. [1].

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