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The Benefits of a Golf Simulator at Home.

What are the benefits of having a golf simulator at home?

For many people considering the idea of installing a golf simulator at home, one of the main questions they ask themselves is; How would a simulator benefit me?

Well, this question can throw up various pros and cons. There are really, only two cons; 1 – Space – Do I have the room to install a golf simulator? 2 – Cost – But if you are thinking about installing a golf simulator than the cost has already been considered and doesn´t really feature in the debate.

However, there are many pros to installing a golf simulator in your home or garage. The major and undoubted biggest plus is that your golf game should improve exponentially with the installation of such a unit. With “practice” so close you will be able to dedicate more time to your game, thus improving your abilities, skills and consistency. For example, the SkyTrak powered by Rapsodo has three practice options that include standard practice, challenges, and game improvement sections to help the golfer make the most out of their home simulator. As well as the game improvement package that includes pre-loaded golf courses for realistic game time.

But improving your mechanics is not the only way a home golf simulator can improve your game, mentally you will be stronger, depending on the unit which you choose to purchase. For example, by using the R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator you will be able to hone your course management skills, as you play your winter golf from the

 comfort of your heated basement or garage. It is here, where, as a golf coach, I can see the most benefit for golfers that suffer long, cold winters and limited game time. By using the R-Motion Golf Simulator you can keep your game in tune throughout the worst months, allowing you to step back on to the course after winter with a spring in your step and confidence running through your veins.

As mentioned, if cost is a real factor in your home simulator choice then the R-Motion really is the best option. At 300$, with pre-loaded software and the requirement for very little space or added technological expenses, such as a projector or additional software, all you need is a simple hitting net, a small mat, your PC, and you are ready to enjoy your realistic 18 holes.

Being able to practice in a life-like way is also a massive positive, as the golfer can focus on all areas of their game, taking vital lesson information and putting it into practice without having to head down to the range. For family orientated golfers, who have to divide their tie between work, family and golf a home golf simulator is the answer, hey you can even get the family involved.

Another big plus is the ability to realistically practice putting. An area of the game that is hard to replicate on the carpet, and indeed even on the practice green. Realistic simulator game play is a huge bonus when trying to hole more putts.

The use of home simulators can really help with the pressure of putting, reduce the number of times you feel like this!!

Golfers have always struggled to make putting practice worthwhile as recreating the pressure of putting for your handicap is rarely replicated during practice sessions.

With a home simulator, you have the option of creating the pressure that is so hard to find on a practice green. To do this you just set up a local-network match or invite friends round for a quick 9 holes.

Being a golf coach, I am always looking for ways to help my students to “self-teach”, and home practice is something that I am a big fan of. Although the ability to play courses is an absolute must, the need for a simple practice range facility is also huge.

If this “home practice” can be catapulted into a realistic on course experience then the benefits to the golfer are 10-fold.

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